CCC ‘The Swish’ Premium Microfibre Wash Mitt

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CCC ‘The Swish’ Premium MicroFibre Wash Mitt

Double-sided, extra-soft, long, Premium AA-grade (highest grade) microfiber strands.

Quickly and safely encapsulate all dirt and road grime from your vehicle.
Lint Free, Scratch Free, Non-Abrasive, Super Soft, Ultra-absorbent.
Safe for use on cars, trucks, motorcycle, SUV, RV, boat or watercraft.
Holds 7x its weight in water for fast, efficient washing.
  • Thoroughly wash after each use with hose and squeeze all water from mitt before placing in clean dust free area to dry.

If using Machine Washing:

  • Machine Safe on warm temp (Do not wash with non-microfiber materials).
  • Use appropriate liquid detergent.
  • Do NOT use bleach, fabric softeners, perfumes, or other additives.
  • Rinse well and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat only.
  • Store in a clean covered area until next use.

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