CCC Fallout Remover – 5 Litre

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CCC Fallout Remover – 5L

CCC’s Fallout Remover is a high powered, pH neutral wheel cleaner. Its intelligent formulation targets brake dust residues – indicated by the novel ‘bleeding’ effect.

Acid and caustic free for safe cleaning on most wheel finishes.


Apply neat or dilute up to 1:2 with water.

For optimal efficiency, soiling and debris should be remover prior to use, with a routine wash process.

Apply with spray and allow to dwell. For heavy contamination, work the surface with suitable wash media. Rinse the area thoroughly with a pressure washer. Do not allow the product to dry in situ.

Caution should be taken around repaired paintwork, smart repairs and sensitive finishes. Spot testing is recommended to ensure compatibility with such areas.

Size: 5L

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