SONAX PROFILINE EVO Ceramic Coating – 8-piece set

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  • Si-C Technology
  • UV-ProtectionResistance to Chemicals
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect Shine
  • Easy to Clean

SONAX CC Evo Ceramic Coating is a complete set designed for the long-term sealing (coating) of paintwork. CC Evo protects paintwork for up to 3 years. The set contains two sealing products – BASE COAT EVO and GLOSS COAT EVO – and the basic cleaner PREPARE as well as three applicators. Just like vehicle’s paintwork, BASECOAT EVO and GLOSS COAT EVO consist of a polymer network of various liquid resins based on silicon/carbon and binding agents suspended in solvents. In the air, the ingredients react independently with each other and combine to form a very solid and chemical-resistant film.

What are the advantages of protecting your car with the SONAX CC EVO ceramic coating?

Paintwork protected with CC Evo offers new, improved properties, such as:

  • Improved hydrophobicity (water beading effect),
  • Increased chemical resistance,
  • Improved UV resistance.

The coating thus protects against harmful biological influences such as insect dirt, bird droppings, and tree resin stains. A very important feature that ceramic coating adds to the paint is enhanced protection against re-soiling and a certain self-cleaning effect. Ultimately, when applied professionally, SONAX CC EVO offers the optical impression of a perfect, deep-coloured, high-gloss paint.

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SONAX Ceramic Coating EVO 8-piece set contains:

  • 1x SONAX PROFILINE BaseCoat EVO 75ml
  • 1x SONAX PROFILINE GlossCoat  EVO 40ml
  • 1x SONAX PROFILINE Prepare EVO 100ml
  • 3x application sponge
  • 2x protective gloves

Pro Tip: it is recommended to apply SONAX Profiline Polymer Net Shield every 12 months in order to maintain a high level of gloss for your ceramic coating.

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Made in Germany.

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