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CCC Product Bundle Special Offer 1

CCC Citrus Pre-Clean is a high concentrated vehicle pre-wash. Powerful foaming action penetrates road and traffics soils, loosening and easing removal with a pressure washer.


Dilute as required – for regular cleaning, dilute between 50:1 to 100:1. For heavy soiling, use up to 10:1 ratio.

Suitable for use through spray or foam lance.

Size: 1L

CCC Bubble Burst High foaming shampoo for manual cleaning of all vehicle surfaces.


Dilute in warm or cold water at a dilution of up to 250:1.

Apply to vehicle using a suitable wash mitt or sponge.

Size: 1L

CCC High powered alkaline wheel and tyre cleaner for removal of heavy soiling from vehicle wheels. Non-acid formulation penetrates built up oils, soils and traffic films to provide a super clean finish.


Dilute and apply using spray. May be diluted up to 20:1 ratio for light duty cleaning but may also be used neat and applied with sponge to heavily soiled areas.

Size: 1L

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