Eurol Syntence 5W30 – 1L

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Eurol Syntence 5W30 – 1L

Eurol Syntence 5W-30 is a high quality product in the ‘mid saps’ engine oil range. The fully synthetic engine oil is for passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles, equipped with soot filters. This product is especially developed for vehicles of the VAG group since 2004 and is suitable for long drain intervals related to VW 504.00/507.00. Further, the product is approved to meet the Mercedes specification MB 229.51 and BMW LL-04. Meets ACEA C2 requirements concerning engine protection. Eurol Syntence 5W-30 is suitable for all VW-engines since 2007. This oil is not suitable for R5 and V10 engines before 2007. For these engines VW 506.01 is prescribed explicitly, where Eurol Super Ultra II 0W-30 is the recommended product.

Size: 1L (also available in 4L bottles)

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