Scholl Concepts A15+ 1-Step Allround Polish – 1L

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Scholl Concepts A15+ 1-Step Allround Polish – 1L

Unique and universal 1-step polish for quick and easy preparation of used paintwork

Aluminium oxide based abrasive powder will remove scratches and treat badly weathered surfaces in seconds.

Synthetic and natural wax components will protect the polished surfaces leaving a brilliant and natural shine for months.

Can be applied with rotary (1200-2000 RPM) dual action (2000-10000 RPM) machine polishers or by hand.

Cut: Medium (3/6)
Gloss: High-Brilliant (4.5/6)
Protection: High (4/6)
Sanding Paper: P2500
Size: 1 Litre

Made in Germany.

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