Hygan Diamond Grille Sponge Cleaner

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Hygan Diamond Grille Sponge Cleaner

A mini diamond-shaped valeting sponge for removing dust from air vents, dials, levers and knobs. It is also great for use on grilles and vents. Sponge collects dust and dirt with no need for sprays or liquids due to its Hydrostatic properties.

The Hygan range of detailing and cleaning tools are manufactured from high-grade ‘synthetic’ materials. These special sponges are highly ‘hydrophilic’ (water absorbent) in nature and dense when compared to the ‘cheap & cheerful’ car sponges that have damaged the ‘car cleaning sponge’ reputation over the years. Therefore, Hygan is consistently striving to produce the best possible product to restore the ‘car care sponge status’.

Features of Hygan Car Sponges:

  • highly absorbent
  • create high levels of foam to protect the paintwork
  • hydrophilic – give the very best performance

High Water Absorbence
The ‘hydrophilic’ dense nature and structure of the Hygan pro-grade sponge supports high-water absorbency and dirt transfer to the bucket, essential for a safe and high-quality car care finish.

Robust & Durable
The Hygan detailing tools employ a special adhesive to ensure they are robust and fit for the most demanding car care and detailing task. Whether used wet or dry, they will withstand the general sprays, gels and detergents now used within the industry to achieve the finest finish possible.

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